‘Commit to the Song’ now on Amazon!


Commit to the Song: The Joe Thomas Jr. Guitar Pull is now available for rent or purchase on Amazon.

The feature documentary stars Robert “Bubba” Hall, Gini Thomas, Jonathan Tew, Greg Thornton, Michael Thornton, Sarah Thornton, and Mike Winkelman. Directed by Josh Carples.

Watch it here.

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‘Remembering Anarcha’ wins Best Long Documentary at IBFF

The International Black Film Festival in Nashville awarded the Best Long Documentary to the TMF/803 Films/Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions-produced film Remembering Anarcha.

IBFF Q&A with ‘Remembering Anarcha’ producers

After the International Black Film Festival screening of Remembering Anarcha, a Q&A was held on Facebook Live about the film. It’s available here.

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