Columbia Research discusses ‘Remembering Anarcha’

Columbia Research, part of Columbia University in New York, will be discussing Remembering Anarcha as part of their ‘Research, Ethics, & Compliance’ film discussion series.

The discussion will be held on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021 via Zoom. See this page to register and read more about it.

The discussion panel will include Michelle Browder and J.C. Hallman, who appear in the film, as well as Dr. Hilda Hutcherson and Harriet Washington (author of the book Medical Apartheid.)

Two TMF-productions are official selections in this year’s Montgomery Film Festival

Two short films – Clover/Capri and Coffee with Friends – are official selections for the 2021 Montgomery Film Festival.

Clover/Capri (25 min.) details the decades-long history of an independent art house movie theater in the heart of Montgomery, Alabama, weaving through racial segregation, adult films, and its fight for free speech along the way. (Directed by Josh Carples. Produced by Terrible Master Films, in association with Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions, 803 Films, and Early Riser Films.)

Coffee with Friends (22 min.) synopsis: A man’s morning coffee is interrupted by the ghost of his past. (Directed by Jimmie and Autumn Rogers. Produced by Eagle Road Productions and Terrible Master Films, in association with Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions and Early Riser Films.)

Recent press for ‘Remembering Anarcha’

The Washington Post included Remembering Anarcha in their “new movies to stream this week.”

The Alabama Institute for Social Justice talked about the film in their blog “The Power of Truth-telling and Remembrance.”

The Montgomery Advertiser discusses the film in an article about the director: “Josh Carples breaking hearts in music & film; documentary ‘Remembering Anarcha’ out May 4.”

And the Capital City Free Press talks about the film in “Montgomery-made documentary “Remembering Anarcha” set for May 4 release.”

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