No Country for New Nashville talks about ‘powerful’ Brineaboy music video

No Country for New Nashville wrote a piece on Brineaboy’s “Unalienable” music video.

[The song] was recently reworked into a powerful film noir styled video depicting an unsettling hostage situation.

Read the article here.


‘The Crucible’ opens today at the Cloverdale Playhouse

“The Crucible” by Arthur Miller opens today at the Cloverdale Playhouse in Montgomery, AL. This version, directed by Sarah Adkins, takes place in the year 2092, post-apocalypse.

Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions teamed up with Terrible Master Films (#TMFCJSV) to film a promo for the production, and the Montgomery Advertiser wrote about the play (and used the promo in the story.)

Tickets available here.

Music in the promo by Glorious 70mm (Facebook, Bandcamp.)

Watch ‘Land of the Freed’ on YouTube

Thaddeus Brooks Productions, 4th Moon Films and co-producers Terrible Master Films and Redd Hen Films present the short film Land of the Freed.

Synopsis from IMDB:

On duty cop, RICHARD MCDOUGLAS makes the cover of local paper near teen, CURTIS GRAHAM with headlines that read: “Police Officer under investigation in death of armed teen. Though RICHARD appears to have it all under control, that all seems to fade away as he faces the reality of his wife, RHONDA MCDOUGLAS’ and son, MICHAEL MCDOUGLAS’ unhappiness. Scene is set; stressed out, over worked cop kills an armed teen. Surely there has to be more to the story…or is it?

Written and directed by Trishunda Mooney

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