Blue Yonder “White Christmas”

Part 1 of that project from Blue Yonder is up on the TMF YouTube channel:


Blue Yonder project in the works

This past Friday night, we began working on a special project with Montgomery, AL based Blue Yonder (which features Johnny and Beth Veres.) The project is currently being edited by director Josh Carples. Royce Williams helped as a camera operator and with lighting and the audio capture was done by Robert Shimp of Technical Earth Recorders.

At least one of the videos will be up this week.

Poster art for the new documentary Commit to the Song: The Joe Thomas Jr. Guitar Pull.


Dettling Bourbon ad on ‘Tales of the Cocktail’


The TMF-produced Dettling Bourbon video for Big Escambia Spirits is accompanying an article on ‘Tales of the Cocktail’ about the bourbon’s launch.

See it here: “A Homegrown Alabama Bourbon Has Arrived”

Bourbon – 100% made in Alabama!

If you’ve been following the TMF Instagram account, you’ve probably seen a couple of recent posts about Bourbon.

TMF is working with Big Escambia Spirits in Atmore, AL, in a project showcasing the first 100 percent made-in-Alabama bourbon – Dettling Bourbon. The corn is grown in Escambia County, the fermentation, distillation, aging, and bottling all take place in Atmore. They don’t cut any corners; this is true, craft bourbon.

More info coming soon.

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