Dettling Bourbon ad on ‘Tales of the Cocktail’


The TMF-produced Dettling Bourbon video for Big Escambia Spirits is accompanying an article on ‘Tales of the Cocktail’ about the bourbon’s launch.

See it here: “A Homegrown Alabama Bourbon Has Arrived”


Bourbon – 100% made in Alabama!

If you’ve been following the TMF Instagram account, you’ve probably seen a couple of recent posts about Bourbon.

TMF is working with Big Escambia Spirits in Atmore, AL, in a project showcasing the first 100 percent made-in-Alabama bourbon – Dettling Bourbon. The corn is grown in Escambia County, the fermentation, distillation, aging, and bottling all take place in Atmore. They don’t cut any corners; this is true, craft bourbon.

More info coming soon.

No Country for New Nashville talks about ‘powerful’ Brineaboy music video

No Country for New Nashville wrote a piece on Brineaboy’s “Unalienable” music video.

[The song] was recently reworked into a powerful film noir styled video depicting an unsettling hostage situation.

Read the article here.

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