Towering Above – How To Abandon Ship (Official Music Video)

TMF, in association with Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions and Body Thief Films present: Towering Above “How To Abandon Ship” – part two of a trilogy. (See part one here.)

Directed by Josh Carples
1st AD – C. DeWayne Cunningham
Director of Photography – Stephen Poff

Kendrick Golsen
Jeff McKinney

Chris Eckels
Jacob Lee
Raina Scudder (Eaton)
Katie Walden
Amber Moody
C. DeWayne Cunningham
J. Slickwood
Clay Smith
Josh Carples

New TMF projects in the works

More details will be provided as these projects get closer to completion, but TMF is currently finishing up a music video, helping complete a film as a co-producer with C Squared Films, and working on a documentary project with two co-producers (one of which is Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions.)

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